TxtResponsibly.org is being acquired by Apexfirm.com

October 5, 2023
TxtResponsibly.org is being acquired by Apexfirm.com

TxtResponsibly.org is being acquired by Apexfirm.com

We’re thrilled to announce ApexFirm.com.com’s acquisition of TxtResponsibly.org domain. This strategic move enhances our online presence and enriches content for our clients. TxtResponsibly.org previously aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving and prevent related injuries or fatalities. Conversely, ApexFirm.com.com specializes in representing victims of car accidents and wrongful death cases, especially those due to distracted driving. This acquisition combines TxtResponsibly.org’s focus on educating about distracted driving with our legal expertise, assisting individuals and families seeking recourse after such accidents.

About TxtResponsibly.org

The domain TxtResponsibly.org represented a platform that was dedicated for preventing texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving. It provided a wide range of resources and information, including statistics, facts, laws, tips, and personal stories. Additionally, they had a blog covering news, stories, and opinions related to texting while driving and distracted driving. The goal was to encourage people to take action and commit to texting responsibly.

About ApexFirm.com

Apex Law Firm, situated in Tampa, Florida, is a prominent personal injury law firm specializing in offering skilled legal representation in personal injury and property damage cases. We are dedicated to providing expert legal representation in personal injury and property damage cases. Guided by our founding attorneys, Jeff Constantinos and Chris Castillo, we bring over 20 years of collective experience to assist our clients across the greater Tampa area. We specialize in managing a wide array of personal injury claims, notably Car Accidents and Wrongful Death, and are proficient in handling property damage claims, particularly those arising from storm events. At Apex Law Firm, we are committed to a client-focused approach, offering free consultations and operating on a contingency fee basis, ensuring we only charge clients when we successfully recover their compensation. Renowned for securing maximum compensation and providing empathetic and strategic representation, we stand as a steadfast ally in legal representation within the personal injury and property damage arenas.

We are honored to acquire the domain TxtResponsibly.org and integrate it into our expansion strategy. We believe this acquisition will enhance our ability to offer our clients more valuable and relevant content that educates them about their rights and options.